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Orthodontic Treatment with ‘Invisible Braces’

Best Orthodontist in Bannerghatta Road |Dr Prashanth Reddy
Orthodontics call them ‘clear aligners’. Many consumers call them ‘Invisalign’, which is actually a brand name that has become generic, like Kleenex. Aligners are one of the many technological breakthroughs in dentistry, which has made orthodontic interventions less conspicuous. Aligners are revolutionary new dental appliance among numerous others that orthodontists use to move teeth and align jaws to streamline your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. If you are looking for Orthodontic Treatments in Bannerghatta Road, then Meenakshi Dental Implant Centre is the best option for you. Dr Prashanth Reddy is the Best Orthodontist in Bannerghatta Road  How Aligners Work 

Just like conventional braces, aligners are meant to move teeth little by little. After examining the patient, the orthodontist takes x-rays, photographs and digital impressions of the teeth to be aligned. The orthodontist uses this information to arrive at a dia…
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April 2019: The Oral Health Month

Best Dental Treatment in Bannerghatta Road | MeenakshiDentalImplantCentre

There is a reason that April 2019 has been dubbed Oral Health Month: It is to remind you to take stock of your teeth and oral health. Now that we have your attention, we’d like to show you how oral health can affect your overall health. Here are some steps you should take to ensure that your oral cavity and the rest of your body remains healthy throughout the rest of the year and beyond.
Have a Great SmileYour smile is an ample indicator of your oral health. Ensure your healthy smile with the, Best Dental Treatment in Bannerghatta Road| MeenakshiDentalImplantCentre.  According to Best Dentists in Bannerghatta Road,  Dr Prashanth Readdy, decaying teeth or bleeding gums can make it difficult to smile, affecting your social life. To have a great smile, you need to take care of your oral cavity. Sore gums, bleeding gums, missing teeth can also have an effect on eating and talking. Any of the preceding conditions can…

Dental Implant With The Best Dental Implant Clinic in Bangalore

What are Dental Implants?
Best Dental Implant Clinic in Bangalore | Meenakshi Dental Implant Centre Dental implants are for people who have unstable or missing teeth due to damaged roots. Dental implant is a surgical procedure, which replaces the roots of the tooth with a hollow metal post resembling a screw. A small metal pin-type rod is then inserted into the hollow space of the ‘screw’ around which the artificial tooth will be attached. The new tooth subsequently looks and functions like a real tooth. Dental implant surgery is ideal for people who have lost their teeth roots as other teeth replacement treatments like dentures and bridges need functional teeth roots to anchor into. Dental implant surgery involves various procedures and is time-consuming, but it is worth every minute for successful outcomes. The major benefit of the procedure is that it gives solid support to the new teeth after the bone heals around the implant. The healing takes time, which is why the procedure can…

Root Canal Treatment In Bannerghatta Road Bangalore – Meenakshi Dental Implant Centre

Root Canal Treatment  Root canal is the preferred treatment for teeth that are excessively decayed or infected. The name of the procedure comes from the natural cavity within the tooth, which contains the pulp. The nerve of the tooth also lies within the root canal. During a root canal, the pulp and the dead nerve are removed and the interior of the tooth is cleaned and then sealed. If the infected and decayed tooth is not treated in this manner, the infection would reach the tissue surrounding the tooth, resulting in abscesses.

What to Expect With Us Root Canal Treatment In Bannerghatta Road,Bangalore- Meenakshi Dental Care & Implant Centre If our dentist has suggested a root canal, you will undergo a series of procedures as given below: X-Ray: The dentist may examine existing x-rays of the tooth or may take a new one to pinpoint the location of the decay or infectionAnesthesia: Contrary to its image, root canal treatment is no more painful than a tooth filling. Still, the dentist …

Current Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Bannerghatta Road | Dr Prashanth Reddy  Cosmetic Dentistry In Bannerghatta Road.  Dr. Prashanth Reddy, the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Bannerghatta Road.with his professional team offers the finest Cosmetic dental solutions in reasonable price. If you need  any kind of dental needs feel free to contact us any time. 
If the advancement of technology cosmetic dentistry ensures that everyone has a perfect smile, no matter what is the tooth defects the person would be having. There are several methods and procedure to fix the problem that the patient would be having. There are some current trends in cosmetic dentistry DENTAL BONDING 
Dental bonding is a treatment which is used to treat patients with chipped or broken tooth. It is a procedure which is used to preserve and repair damaged tooth to have a natural look. Normally dentists treat patients to makes sure that they get the functionality of the tooth and not the aesthetics of the tooth. By using composite bonding…

Replace Missing Teeth for Better Oral Heath: Why Dental Implants are Invaluable ?

Best Dental Implant In Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore | Meenakshi Dental Implant Centre. Perhaps you know that dental implants are safe and can help restore your natural smile. You also know that is the most permanent form of teeth replacement. What you do you not know are the physiological reasons that make it so beneficial for overall oral health. You need to go beneath the ‘root’ of the matter.
Best Dental Implant In Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, is Meenakshi dental Implant Centre and our best dentist Dr Prashanth Reddy recommend dental implants over dentures or bridges. When a tooth is lost, your mouth deals with several harmful effects, which may not be noticeable immediately. These effects also undermine your facial appearance. Teeth are held in place by their roots, which are crucial for the strength of the surrounding gums. Roots also help support the attached bone structures. When a tooth loosens or falls off, there is significant loss in the jawbone. In a ripple effect, this bo…

How Dental Implants Work ?

Best Dental Implant Clinic in Bannerghatta Road, A Dental Implant is made of titanium, a lustrous silver-couloured metal that is resistant to corrosion in sea water, chlorine and acids, which can dissolve gold and platinum. The titanium implant is shaped like the root of a tooth and is surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gum line on which the replacement teeth or bridge will be mounted. A dental implant will come loose like denture. Dental implants are also beneficial for the oral cavity because they do not need to be fastened to other teeth.
Prerequisites for Dental Implants

According to the Best Dental Implant Clinic in Bannerghatta Road, Meenakshi Dental Care and Implant centre, a Dental Implant must have healthy gums and adequate bone support. If the bone is thin or soft, a bone graft may be considered. If the height of the bone in the upper jaw is insufficient or if the sinuses are too close to the jaw, the doctor may recommend a sinus lift.

The Implant TechniqueOur Best …